This is not a lifestyle blog. I have no interest in sun-drenched photographs of what I eat. I’d rather eat than curate and believe food should always be shared. The stories behind food matter. Not just the stories of sourcing but the kitchen stories, the family stories, the sticky memories.  The stories are sometimes cute and romantic but elsewhere are fraught and ridden with conflict. I love this.

On salt. I learned to cook from my mother who never uses salt in her food.  The food was never bland and I’d say that is because we ate dinner together every night and the banter and snark tossed around the table were seasoning enough. So salt in the biting humor sense. I always use salt now and argue for its necessity for flavor and outlook.

“But luckily, in literature as in cooking, what matters is the quality of the final result: a well prepared sardine is always a thousand times better than a poor bass.” Mathias Énard, preface of La cuisine des écrivains 


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